【MV】Tonye Aganaba - Thought of You - White Wizard

I have always had a real fascination with the stars and the study of ancient worlds, and a recent foray into the world of the ancient mayans, led me to the happy faced White Wizard emblem seen on my album cover. This sign is that of White Wizard, a person believed to be a shaman, guiding others to light by empowering and enchanting them with their gifts. This sign represents my birthdate and as such has turned into a talisman of sorts, representing my belief in the magic of life, and the power of positivity.

I chose to release the first single on the 2nd of January because it's a significant day in the the Mayan Calendar. It's a White Wizard day. The tone of the day is to be inspired by the divine, and to communicate from the spirit. A wonderful sentiment to have when releasing any project! My hope is that the message within it will inspire and touch you!

By releasing my EP on a White Wizard day, I am reminded to see the divine in everything that I do.

Dedicated to my Family and every member of my soul group.

Special Thanks to Live Vision Management, EBM 14's, Randy Ponzio, The Foundation.

released 02 January 2012
Tracks 1 & 3 Produced by Sol Starz
Track 2 Produced by SOUL
Track 4 Produced by Kenneth Paul Kelley