【MV】Indecent Obsession - Whispers in the Dark

When I was Young...

Paint a face on your desire
Paint a picturesque view of your heart
Take a slice of all the answers
The riddle ends where all your daydreams start
Cause if you look you'd see the whole world
Goes round it's only friend
And realize the world without a sun just

Love will find it's own way
Even in the dark
This time someone shut the gates
Around your heart
And lonely somehow lost the key
Some things are never meant to be

But when you're young
Your eyes are oh so sure
All you see is real, not in your mind
You know at night the candle blows

Whispers in the dark
Everyone hears
Something 'bout the dark
It makes us listen to our fears
Whispers in the dark
They call your name
You can't escape the dark
When light just dwindles like a flame