【MV】Solburst - Natural High

I've got this high, it's late July
And I'm walking through the city
i've got my groove
nothing to prove
no destination, just temptation

when he gives it to me, he gives it to me good
"X's" on the "could's" and the "would's" and the "should's"
Yeah he makes me feel so fly...I
No, I can't get enough of this natural High

Here i here i here i here i go again
always looking for the sporadical zen
let's only do this til the spark fizzles down
not a complication that might turn this shit around
it's cause it feel too fresh
feel'n on our naked bodies, flesh to flesh uuu
he makes me feel so fly
can't get enough of this natural high

I could walk for miles and miles
turn all frowns right into smiles
with the way he's got me float'n jive
spokeswoman ale for that sexual drive
supply, defy, feel'n on my thigh
try'n not to lose my existence in his eye
he makes me feel so fly
can't get enough of this natural high


so turn down the lights
take me down from heaven i'm afraid of these heights
he's so natural, natural
spiritual and actual
perpetual, when sexual
yeah he is so...natural!


let's not confuse infatuation with duration
one day at a time, baby
what we doin ain't a crime
he's like finding four leaf clovers in the grass
but when the high is over with me
it's over me at last